Removal of color tags from list item

Hello Yatse,

I recently tried the remote app on my Android phone and noticed that Kodi [COLOR] tags don’t get removed in the list from set genre information.

Can you please consider removing the color tags from list item information in a future update?

For example when you set the list item genre information using:

labelText = ‘[COLOR blue]tagisremoved[/COLOR]’
genreText = ‘[COLOR gray]tagnotremoved[/COLOR]’
listItem = xbmcgui.ListItem()
listItem.setInfo(‘video’, {‘MediaType’: ‘movie’, ‘genre’: genreText})

The color tag from genre does not get removed for both mediatype movie and tvshow.

Example screenshot:

Thanks and kind regards

Please provide details about the addon generating those kind of data and / or logs during a sync.

Thanks for the response, I did some testing and it seems like your app does remove the [COLOR] tag from the label but not from the genre provided.

Here are the logged results, hope this helps:

- Yatse jsonrpc request:

- Kodi jsonrpc response:
“id”: “1”,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“result”: {
“files”: [{
“album”: “”,
“art”: {
“icon”: “image://yatsetest.png”
“artist”: ,
“episode”: -1,
“file”: “plugin://”,
“filetype”: “file”,
“genre”: [“[COLOR gray]Genre (tagnotremovedbyapp)[/COLOR]”],
“label”: “[COLOR gray]Label (tagisremovedbyapp)[/COLOR]”,
“lastmodified”: “”,
“mimetype”: “application/octet-stream”,
“playcount”: 0,
“rating”: 0.0,
“resume”: {
“position”: 0.0,
“total”: 0.0
“runtime”: 0,
“season”: -1,
“showtitle”: “”,
“size”: 0,
“title”: “”,
“track”: 1,
“type”: “movie”,
“year”: 0

Hum never saw a normal addon using bbcode there but I’ll see to remove there too.

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Thanks! hope it is not too much work to add this feature.

I just noticed the Yatse beta got updated with BBcode removal and tested it.

The app does now remove the [COLOR] tag from items in the list but it still shows them in the player information.


Just wanted to let you know and thank you once again for making those changes.