Remote starter protocol / message

I love the app and this is just a question about how something works. Does the remote starter android app listen for a standard WOL broadcast packet? Or does it expect some kind of custom message? I’m trying to wake an Nvidia Shield using WOL and it doesn’t work, but the Yatse app and Remote Starter app does work.

I’m trying to integrate more into a custom smart home setup. If it’s not a standard WOL magic packet, is there any chance you’d tell me what I could send to start the Shield and launch Kodi via Remote Starter?

Okay. Does the Android remote starter work the same way? I thought there was a post where it said that you send every kind of wake packet simultaneously and I wasn’t sure how many different ones there were. I haven’t wiresharked the app yet.
I’ll try sending that message. Thanks.

It’s working perfectly. Thank you. I just needed to send the custom message instead.