Remote starter help


First I would like to say wow. This is a nice kodi app. I am pretty new to kodi, so very nice to see this kind of app.
Will defently but the unlocker from you guys.

But I am having one small problem. Remote starter (windows) won’t start kodi.
I can fully control kodi with yatse and I can also close the kodi with the yatse app.
But just don’t start i up. The pc is running and xbmc running in tray.

udp port is 5600 on remote app and xbmc. No problem with firewall.

50% of the time it’s firewall that block UDP :slight_smile:
50% of the time it’s the path to Kodi that is not properly set or Kodi in a protected directory that require the starter to be started with admin priviledges.

Will try to shutdown the firewall.

If that not work and it is the path thing or the protected directory.

How do I change that?

Well you are the one who knows where you have put Kodi and it’s path :slight_smile:

To start the launcher as admin : for example.