Remote starter for yatse Xbmc: configured port already used

I have been using the kodi remote for a long time. Some time ago I bought Remote starter for Yatse plugin. I have a problem with him. When I try to enable the application, I get the following message: Configured port already used by another porgram (5600). I have the same port in xbmc (Udp port). How to solve this problem?

The answer will sound obvious but use another port?

The port in the starter is an unique port to receive command it must not be used in Kodi or other apps.

I have tried different ports and the same thing every time. When I click on KODI wake on lan, info appears: Host should startet.

As said the port must not be used, as long as you’ll have this message it won’t work.

As said too, you must not use the same port inside Kodi, please describe better what you are doing as the template you deleted requires.

Finally works. I suggested where XBMC.exe is indicated instead of kodi.exe.