Remote Icons Question

Issue description:

Hello, I’m just wondering if remote icons which were present in previous builds of Yatse can be re-added to newer builds. I’d love to be able to use newer builds, but I always find myself reverting to previous versions, just to be able to use the old icons. I’ve seen some icons in the newer builds that closely resemble those of earlier version, but the fullness/ boldness of the earlier ones, imo, are much much better. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if anything can be done regarding this would be much appreciated. Below I’ve linked two screenshots of the Yatse remote in an earlier version, as well as in the most current version. Thanks again.


Earlier build Yatse Remote:

Newest build Yatse Remote:

Sorry no plans for that and it’s been quite long time ago.

Alright, no worries, and I understand, thanks again.