Remote Control suddenly not working after latest Beta update

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Issue description:

Remote not working since latest update (Beta). Connecting to Kodi 18.8 running on AndroidTV. Yatse running on Huawei Mate 20 Pro, android 10.1. Been working fine for a long time.



Additional information:

Probably fixed in beta 2 waiting for Google to validate. Please report again if it still occurs.

Will do. Thanks for the quick response

Same problem here. Only restart & volume control still working … When will beta 2 come out Tolriq ?

I guess if it’s awaiting approval from Google it might take a few days ?

No one knows in this covid times.

Between now and 7 days completly out of control :frowning:

Same here, pixel 4.
Widget works fine though so try using a widget as a work around until the update comes.

The gesture pad works too :wink:

Thanks. Yes, I see the widget works. For now going surviving with that most archaic of things, an IR remote. Well and my wife’s phone which is not on Beta Yatse. No complaints though, been using Yatse for years without a problem even on Beta. And when the developer is so responsive, it turns a problem into a minor inconvenience.

This is a complete lack of luck :frowning: First time in a very very long time that there’s such a bug that touch a large part of users and Google completely fails too, more than 36 hours that the fix is pushed and they do not validate for unknown reasons. Usually it’s 24h max :frowning:

They have to validate each version?
Weird some apps from other developers have had virus not so long ago.
Thanks for the support.

Yes they do, but it’s done by bots or low paid external contractors from low wage countries.

So it’s complete bullshit, leads to false bans that are nearly impossible to have investigated by competent persons and can lead to this situation.

Working with Google is the most frustrating since I had to do in my long life :slight_smile:

Same with me … Remote note working after the new update

Deleted the host and added again then restarted. Now it’s working

Confirmed as fixed in beta 2. Thanks @Tolriq

Also confirmed fixed after update. Thanks @Tolriq