Recording fails


I’m having a problem recording live TV via Yatse, when I select a channel and click “record”, the red circle comes on making it look like the recording has started, however when I look at Kodi and “recordings” in Yatse, the channel actually isn’t recording.

The relevant output from the debug.log seems to be:

2018-10-21 22:19:52.244 Verbose/KodiLogger: --> [318] POST (73-byte body)
2018-10-21 22:19:52.244 Verbose/KodiLogger: --> [318] {“id”:900,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“PVR.Record”,“params”:{“channel”:104}}
2018-10-21 22:19:52.484 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [318] 200 OK (239ms, 88-byte body)
2018-10-21 22:19:52.486 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [318] {“error”:{“code”:-32100,“message”:“Failed to execute method.”},“id”:900,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”}

I’m running Leia nightly build on Ubuntu 18.04 and have TVHeadend backend for watching / recording DVB-S2. Everything else seems to be working OK.

It does say when adding the host that the Event Server is unavailable - not sure why this is or if that could cause this?

I have looked at the PVR.Record code in the Kodi codebase, but it seems like the “FailedToExecute” error can be raised in a few places, just wondering if anyone else had experienced this or if there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere.

PS I can record in Kodi fine, it’s just when trying to record via Yatse I have this error.

Without Kodi logs and full Yatse logs it’s impossible to tell anything else than there’s a problem probably on Kodi side :slight_smile:

Event Server is unrelated but Yatse allows much more things when correctly set up.

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kodi.log (473.6 KB)
debug.log (100.9 KB)

Here are the logs, I can’t see anything around the PVR.Record JSON RPC call - maybe I need to debug my TVHeadend backend as well?

If it works from Kodi GUI then no need to TVH it’s Kodi internals.

Since I’m still banned there for trying to help you’ll need to report to them :frowning: Just don’t talk about Yatse just say you are sending the JSON commands with curl :wink:

OK I will do, thank you :laughing: