Recording a channel

When I have a IPTV channel playing, if I choose record, where it’s suppose the recorded file be stored, in the device where yatse is installed or in the device where kodi is installed? I’ve tried do this , receive no errors, but did not find any file in both devices… Thank You

On Kodi, Yatse just sends the command. Not all PVR backend does support that.

OK. I asked that because I’ve never seen before an option in kodi to record channel. So, I thought that could be on the device where yatse is installed. By the way, it is possible to record a IPTV channel with kodi? Sorry, but I don’t know what do you mean with “PVR backend”…

Well PVR is the Kodi term for that.

You need to check on Kodi forums what PVR addon support recording for IPTV. This is out of Yatse scope.

OK. Thank you. Thank you.