Read in double on Trakt


My Yatse is link with Emby.
I have a little problem. When I read a movie in Yatse, I have chose an external reader VLC. After reading the movie, in Trakt it is like I have watched it twice.

It is not vert important but if it can be fixed :grinning:


As the template you deleted says: No logs no chocolate :wink:

And be sure that you have not enable the trakt addon also on Emby side.


Logs send by email.


with the printscreen

You have not enable the setting in Yatse for it to broadcast this.

This probably happens because you have VLC that report the playback itself and Emby too. You need to disable one of those.

I don’t connect VLC to Trakt.

If you have Trakt installed on the device then it could be automatic.

In all case this is not Yatse that does that, so there’s not much I can do on my side.

Ok thanks a lot.
But Yatse can send imformation to EMBY twice ? Because it is EMBY which inform Trakt.

Yatse does not :wink: But Yatse send playback position and played status, it’s possible that Emby have a flaw that send it twice but the API calls are normal and respected. And does not explains the 2 hours difference.