Random Song Queue Only Sixteen Songs Long

Currently when I select Music > Songs > Play random (all) the playlist seems to always consist of sixteen (16) songs. It’d be nice to have longer random playlists

Playlists are as long as needed, the data is just prepared on demand on large playlists for performance reasons.

Correct, playlists are as long as necessary. But Music > Songs > Play random (all)

is only sixteen items. It does not create a queue of the user’s entire available library as I’d expected.

I can try making a smart playlist to achieve what I’m going for. But I was surprised this was the case.

As I said the entire library is queued and will properly work.

It just only preload 15 items when playing from songs (so +1 with the playing one). And will add more automatically as you play items.
There’s no point in loading 100 000 songs and preparing them to play in advance to just play random songs will just be slow and use tons of memory for 0 gains.

Yatse automatically decide when to use dynamic playlist depending on the queue size and the preload size depends also on different parameters and media type queued.

But let it play and you’ll see the playlist grow and correctly play a lot more songs than 16 :wink:

BTW: You may want to try the personal mix stuff to play all random, it usually brings way nicer results.

No automatic addition to the list here. Yatse plays 16 songs, then stops.

Open your own issue with mandatory logs please.