Radio AU streams playback failed through Yatse app

This seems specific to this kodi addon Radio AU. Playback fails when selecting streams through Yatse addon menu. (Addons-radio AU-stream)

Log should show successful playback with Bandcamp addon, so is this an issue with RadioAU?

Playback works fine when using Yatse as a remote and selecting the same streams from kodi menu- it’s just the Yatse menu not working. (432.5 KB) (44.3 KB)

This is a problem in the addon there’s only one API to start addons via VFS.

2024-05-24 10:42:28.235 Verbose/KodiNexus: --> [951] POST (174-byte body)
2024-05-24 10:42:28.236 Verbose/KodiNexus: --> [951] {"id":206,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.Open","params":{"item":{"file":"plugin://"}}}
2024-05-24 10:42:28.286 Verbose/KodiNexus: <-- [951] 200 OK (50ms, 40-byte body)
2024-05-24 10:42:28.286 Verbose/KodiNexus: <-- [951] {"id":206,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"OK"}

Yatse makes the proper call and Kodi accept it, the rest is on addon side.

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