Queue on Media Center when nothing is playing

Currently if I Queue on Media Center (let’s say YouTube video) when nothing is currently playing - it goes to the void. At least I thought it is doing so. No changes on the screen, no play button in Yatse, no reaction to the play command from the remote.
But if I will send Player.PlayPause command via JSON-RPC then video will start playing.
I don’t really know how should it work, any ideas?
If there is no active player currently - maybe this is an idea to start video/audio automatically instead of adding it to the queue that is really hard to reach?

Without the mandatory logs hard to tell anything :wink:

I mean, what is the expected behavior if queue YouTube video when nothing is currently playing?

Kodi logs (JSON-RPC on 2020-05-30 18:29:12.590):

Yatse logs"

Yatse: 10.2.5-3110804 [true/0/68/126]
Android: 10 - 29 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: xiaomi - Mi A2 Lite [daisy - daisy_sprout]

btw Kore starts queued item automatically if nothing is playing now.

It should start when nothing is playing,

But it seems not in some cases after some refactor and not using Yatse plugin on Kodi side.

Will see to fix (But you should use Yatse plugin :p)