PVR Recordings view: Add more information

In my opinion yatse is nearly perfect. There is only a single point to improve: Currently, the PVR recordings view is very limited. There are no preview images/icons and no tv show information:

Especially for tv shows it is hard to distinguish between the different recordings as only the name of the tv show is displayed but not the title of the episode.

In kodi 18, the API already returns the fields icon/art. For Kodi 19, starting from jsonrpc version 10.4.0, the API returns season, episode and showtitle.

Feature request: Please improve the recordings view by adding preview images/icons. For tv shows, please add seson/episode and showtitle.


Icon are handled but are badly handled by Kodi, provide logs to confirm what Kodi returns.

Currently PVR also return wrong data for title, it should be the episode title and not the show title.

In general PVR Json support is relatively random as Ksooo does not care about it, there’s many hacks around wrong data returned by it, like for playing channels, many things are returned as strings when the API clearly state it’s arrays and things like that.

It’s not a log, but my current API response - is it sufficient for you? https://pastebin.com/gCgW2edT
Icon and thumb are public accessible URLs.

Yatse logs is always better as got a lot more informations.

But it confirms that the values are not proper image urls normally returned by Kodi but direct http urls …

Luckily this case can be workarounded but for other backend it can’t… Pure random Ksooo style :wink:
Will see to add one more workaround for PVR wrong returned data.

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@flubshi checked API 10.4.0 this add season and episode but does not fix the label field.

Showtitle and label will continue to have the show title it just duplicate it

Label should be proper label and so in that case episode name.

And I’d need your phone model to send you a test APK with workaround.

On my tests (see curl above): label == title != showtitle

"label": "Elementary",
"showtitle": "Blinde Wut",
"starttime": "2019-04-05 18:15:00",
"title": "Elementary"

Phone model: xiaomi redmi note 5 pro
Android: 8.1.0; LineageOS 15.1

So it’s even better :slight_smile:

showTitle contains the episode name instead of the show Title, and Label contains the show title instead of the episode name / real title / label.

Ksooo will never stop to impress me :slight_smile:

Now icons are displayed - thanks:

As said in private another Ksooo mistake workarounded :slight_smile:

Let’s hope you can fix the showTitle/title inversion too for v19. As I doubt fixing Kodi for the thumbs will come anytime.