PVR Layout Question

I was just wondering if there’s any way to change the PVR Layout. The current layout is a list view, which only shows about 4-5 channels at any one point. Is it possible to change this to a grid view, as it would be easier to navigate if more channels were visible at once.

No it’s not possible as it would not allow to show what is played / next on the channels.

If you already know what channel you want you can use the filter button or the search to reach it faster.

thank you for the reply, reason I ask is because in portrait mode it makes sense to have it as a list view* layout, but if using a device in landscape mode, the channels become much more difficult to navigate, especially on a smaller device like a phone, mostly just wondering if EPG can be disabled to only have channel logos/ potentially titles also, be shown in grid, without any program info

Sorry no plans for that.

Alright, no worries, thanks again.