PVR information automatic update setting

When in the PVR section, the TV channel list shows each channel with a progress bar and the next show information.
If I switch to another app for a while or I lock the smartphone, and then I switch back to Yatse after let’s say 30 minutes, it shows the very same information.
It’s true that manual update is very easy to perform, but it’s weird that while movies/songs progress bars are in real time, the PVR information is not… Furthermore, some times it takes me a few seconds to realize that the information is not wrong per sé but just outdated (1st world problem, I totally know).

I understand (or I think I do) the reason behind of this approach, but allowing each user to decide how often this information should be updated (in minutes) - under their responsibility - would be great. Imho there should be at least an automatic update every time Yatse receives back the focus from another app or after unlocking the phone (only if the PVR section is the active one, of course).

Thank you for considering.

It’s just a swipe down :slight_smile:

PVR is notably slow for people with large lists and consume a ton of cpu and battery there’s no points in refreshing when not needed sorry.