Push media links from web sites (instead of casting)

There are many extensions for Chrome & Firefox that will push media links to Kodi from supported web sites like YouTube. But none of these browser extensions will detect MP3 / MP4 links without site specific support, even when the URL’s are plainly visible in the page source. We need some method of pushing links to Kodi from podcasting & internet radio sites, instead of streaming from a mobile platform and wasting the battery.

Already here

I need to automatically detect media links in HTML source and push them to Kodi on demand. For all web sites, not just one. I dont have time to create a custom Yatse command for every radio station & podcast web site. This functionality would probably require a browser extension or a dedicated browser like WebMediaShare.

What about reading properly the link ? :slight_smile:

Install the addon in Kodi, from your browser use the share commands select play on media center…