Problems with knowing which setting belongs to which item

A lot of settings are not completely clear to me to which part they belong.
Is it hard to have a :information_source: which explains more about the setting?

Sorry for being a pain in the ass

They are covered in the Wiki for 95% of them.

Settings change often and require translations, there’s already way too much translation done by volunteers hard to ask for more.

And yes it’s hard to put a sign as this is an Android component and there’s no default support for that.

Crystal clear.
Maybe i can help with translations?

App translations are at

For the website for the moment multi language is not supported, but if the Wiki is not clear enough for some settings please tell and we’ll try to improve the texts :slight_smile:

I subscribed for translator.

The Wiki is in English. Since you are French, why isn’t the wiki in French too. Let me guess, to little time! :joy:

Btw, your name doesn’t sound French. More Scandinavian

Yep it’s already a lot of time to write the wiki + FAQ + support + code Yatse :slight_smile:

Not enough hours in a day.

I am asking around for translators for the Wiki.
e.g. French and Spanish. Fingers crossed since it is a lot of work.
Oh, a Wiki in Dutch would be nice too

French translation is amost in the pocket. Is there a programma just like the other translation strings?
It’s nice to know where people start on.

Nope there’s no tools for the moment for the web site translations :frowning: It’s all pure HTML :frowning:

Will try to see if I can find something easy to manage.

For the translation of TinyMediaManager we used Transifex
Maybe something for Yatse?

The developer of TinyMediaManager mentions Weblate for thectranslation. It can handle a lot of different formats

It’s not just a tool issue, the tool that I use for Yatse could do it, it’s the sources files that are not planned at all for translations, and how to generate the final files from the translations.

I’ll see if I can find an easy solution.

Btw. I can recommend TinyMediaManager as the cross platform for mediamanagent. I use it before i use it in Plex for Kodi.