Problems with Jellyfin

Good night, I just wanted to know if there is any limitation about Media Center Jellyfin, access my Media Center Kodi, Plex by Yatse, and works as expected, already in the case of Jellyfin, it seems that items are not updated, they come to appear In the tabs of the newly added items, however in the TV series item does not appear several serials, this only with Jellyfin. Would you help me? I’m using google translator.

Please provide logs as the template you removed says:

And try to make smaller and simpler sentences for Google translate to work better :slight_smile: (6.4 KB)

In synthesis for the translator does not complicate, not all series are displayed in Yatse, they are normally displayed in Jellyfin clients, both on the web and android.

Shows or episodes? You have enabled the hide watched filter.

Please provide logs during sync (swipe down to force) + give the names of the missing things. (6.8 KB)

In the series section, some series do not appear, such as Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Walking Dead Wolrd Beyond.
Some episodes of these series appear on the application’s home screen, in the newly added section.
I did not change any filters, it’s all in the standard, I looked out if any was activated and was hiding some serials, but the option to hide already displayed episodes is unchecked.

The logs does not contain the sync part.

When logs are enabled you need to swype down in the show list to force a sync so that I can see the data your Jellyfin server sends to Yatse.

Then in left menu wait for the animated sync icon to stop before sending the logs.

Maybe now… (3.2 MB)

Ok so your Jellyfin wrongly report that the shows have 0 episodes and the option Do not sync empty show is enabled.

You can uncheck that option then force sync it should workaround the issue. I’ll try to see if I can workaround directly at sync time when Jellyfin sends wrong data.

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