Problem with YouTube URL


In first time thanks for your time and support.

I have a problem to share YouTube with yatse plugin, I’m use a YouTube plugin becouse without Yatse not complete the buffer to play.

Do you have any solutions?

Attach my log.


kodi_normal.log (2.1 KB)

b’Youtube addon have DASH enabled or is configured as preferred use it’

You have enabled dash in youtube addon so the issues are on the Kodi addon side. Disable dash to use Yatse plugin

I don’t enable MPEG-Dash enable in YouTube plugin.

Y use YouTube because Yatse plugin have a problem buffer to play YouTube video.

It’s possible another problem??.

Tolriq please can help me??

I just did … The logs don’t lie … The youtube plugin addon have dash enabled, disable it and it will work, disable the Kodi youtube addon and it will work.

Your issue is with the Kodi addon not Yatse.

I positively have DASH disabled in Youtube addon config, and I was suffering this same issue since I switched to Kodi 19.

Disabling the ”Prefer Youtube addon” in Yatse addon config fixes it. So it definitely seems a Youtube addon issue. But probably not because DASH.

Prefer Youtube addon should be off by default and would provide another log entry.

The issue in this one is not about dash itself, but about dash being enabled making Yatse use the Kodi addon and not it’s internal resolution as dash allows 4K content and I don’t.

Confirmed. The issue appears if:

  • ”Prefer Youtube addon” enabled in Yatse addon config.
  • Or DASH enabled in Youtube addon config (as it superseedes the previous, if I have understood well).

Thanks a lot for the help and the explanation. This seems to me an issue with a non-evident solution.

That’s correct that’s the 2 ways for Yatse to prefer Kodi addon that breaks regularly over it’s internal resolution system.