Problem display album or track on jellyfin

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Issue description:
Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

i use yatse for jellyfin
For some time now, some artists have found this without songs or albums.
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Additional information:

There’s a bug in their API that return non matching IDs and no way to get the missing data.

They do not seem interested in fixing any time soon.

Not possible to bypass

Save your database and rescan your music.

For a few users this fix the issue by only having 1 ID. For others it’s more about artist with and without musicbrainz ID.

But yes on my side from the API I have access to there’s nothing I can use to workaround.

It’s Ok with Rescan library

Good to know, I really hope they one day fix this it hits more and more people :frowning:

Hello! I’m facing the same problem, so I thought to give Finamp a try and it’s working correctly for me. @Tolriq maybe you can ask the author how he got around this API limitation?

They don’t use any cache at all, and query everything each time a complete different way than Yatse.

So it works thanks to the internals of Jellyfin that knows about the multiple IDs and returns the albums whatever IDs is used. But this can’t work for Yatse that works 100% offline.

They really need to fix the API if they care about having advanced clients.

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