Possibility to copy text in app


I guess I need to explain why I opened this request by adding a example.

While watching a movie I’m trying to get some information about an actor. Best way currently (if I haven’t missed something) is to click on imdb for the given actor. Then copy link text and do the magic Google search.

It would make things much faster if there is a possibility to copy the name (or whatever) directly in yatse. At first I thought a button like we have for imdb would be cool but I’m not sure if this is generic enough…

What do you think about this?

Big bulls…?



Most of the text are already selectable where it makes sense.

Doesn’t IMDB gives enough information about the actor? Could add a Google button in that screen as there’s already Google search in a few places.

Well, imdb is ok if it’s about standard information, but if for example the height or weight of an actor is of interest imdb is not very helpful though.

The Google search button would be great (in my case) but what about music section? It would also apply to artist and album information?

Do you see something to be used in common?

There’s many different screens and information display, selection is not possible in all of them either for technical reason or possible bad size effects.

I’ll see what I can expand and add the Google button.

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Another beer is on its way :grin::heart_eyes: thx @Tolriq

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