Position of title been played

When playing music, in the view where you see the album cover, the title of the song, the album name and the artist name is not really viewable in portrait mode. The text is not large enought.

Is it possible to put these information under the cover picture in portrait mode?
This information is the most important.

Click anywhere or the i to get the current media details if default view is not enough.

But on my devices it’s pretty visible and the same size positions as Google Play Music for example.

Didn’t know the click anywhere indeed.
So perhaps the information button is not really needed in portrati and landscape.
Without it we could gain space to be more confortable.
Up to you, I just suggest, it’s your app, a really amazing one :+1:

You can also swipe up for faster playlist access :wink:

But those are shortcuts, so invisible so the buttons are needed for the majority of users who do not know them.

Finding the correct line between features, gestures and users needs is complex, current implementation serves most needs.