Pls dupilcate the "now playing visible buttons option for when the player is expanded (bottom player, not the right side remote)

Howdy, I hope I didn’t overlook this being already available in my attempts at doing due diligence when searching over the options, wiki, and open/won’t implement requests. But yes if the full size player could also have the toggle options of which keys are available, thay’d be swell & also think many users would likely get a good deal of utility from that being configurable (even if it hadn’t previously occurred to them that they’d like to tweak their visibility too). I honestly only want the option to toggle the “stop” option in the full size player since I’m a person who has never had an abundance of dexterity in my digits when it comes to consistenly precise finger movements (not in any hardship sense though as I’m certain it results from having an ironically excellent degree of overall hand-eye-coordination that my fingers can keep up with about a third of the time…), so if I do any time-bar scroll seeking there’s about a 1 in 8 chance I’m going to hit the stop button, with those odss increasing by several orders of magnitude if I’m scroll seeking anywhere in the middle 1/3 of a video. It’s literally the one thing I get consistently incensed anout when using this app too, pls help me love this app 100% so I can feel great about the idea of throwing more money at it again!

Sorry if that was too long winded for a simple request, I just figured cintext is usually helpful to be generous about providing…

One last thing I figured I might as well ask while I’m here is: is there any user-configurable list of options accessible by a configuration file like the one that can be created/found in kodi or mpv? I don’t particularly have much need for any hard core power user options or anything, I was just curious im general if there’s another hidden list of things that are configurable while also unreachable from the app interface.

Anyway, pretty please please pleeeease and thank you in advance for your time thinking this one over as well as all the fine work and obvious love put into this app!!!


Too much context kills the messages, your post is barely readable :frowning:

Anyway from what I understand removing the stop button would not fix anything, you would just click the button that would be at that place .

What device do you use?

Argh… I get carried away with the illusion of descriptiveness>conciseness & understand being overly-descriptive can muddle an attempt at giving a vivid account. My apologies.

I use Yatse on an OUKITEL WP5, which I figure has fairly “average” screen dimensions and is fairly precise.

Actually, what you mentioned as a hypothetical scenario would be a perfect work-around if you’re willing to implement it, since all I desire is to not hit “stop” when I’m interacting with the scroll-seek bar (which happens with irritating frequency.) I’d be more than ok with an option-toggle just serving to create an unassigned button in its place or whatever is the simplest solution since I’d still have access to a “stop” button via the collapsed bottom controller.

Next version will have more space around the seekbar, but sorry your solution is not a solution, a workaround that would not workaround anything is never a valid choice.

Ehhhh, fair enough. I had assumed my hopes for implementing a workaround like that would be about as likely as having something duct taped to a Ferrari and not having it drive the owner out of their mind… so in other words: not very likely… I’m more than content that you’re giving the matter some proper attention and effort and am very grateful for the consideration overall for my fairly trivial request, thank you!