Plex Pre-Roll with Yatse in movies?

Some Months ago, i discover the function of Plex Pre-Roll, which is only for movies.

I was wondering if it was posible to use the Plex Pre-Roll in Yatse? Like… when you play or cast a movie to a TV, Kodi, celphone, etc…

When i use the app Plex in a TV or in a browser it shows the Pre-roll like a diferent video. After the Pre-Roll ends it start charging the buffer of the movie.

No idea what it is :slight_smile: Do you have any direct link for doc about it?

Here is the oficial info of Plex Pre-Roll (Plex has Marked this with the name “Extra”)
Plex Pre-roll Link

And Here is a little video of the pre-roll recorded from the Plex Web App
Plex Pre-Roll Example

Ok so that’s not that easy as currently local player is external to Yatse and most don’t support playlists to send both the media and pre roll before.