Plex music stream to other dlna device

I play a plex music, it work, but cannot continue play remain musics

Does it only play 1 music and then stop to play?

debug.log (1.5 MB)

I have exported the debug log. please help to check why not auto continue play next music in playlist.

You have a stupid Xiaomi phone that does not respect Android :frowning:

See for how to exclude Yatse from their madness broken so called optimisations.

but I open the app keep in UI play, the app not be killed, just stop to play when complete play the first music.

I tried other dlna app MediaHouse, it worked fine.

This settings is mandatory in all cases to have Yatse working on Xiaomi.

Then what are you trying to play? If you click on a song from song view then only a song is played.

I have update the settings. I played music playlist , and click the first music and then start to play, but cannot auto play next music in the playlist, it must click play next by manual.

Then I need new logs that contains those actions.

I found that target DLNA device issue. change other DLNA device then it work. many thanks.