Plex - few questions (IP, Playback speed, filtered libraries)

Hi, I’m currently testing the paid version of yatse before purchasing.

The plex support is the reason why I even bothered to looks at the app.

I’m interested in few things.

After creation it used a particular IP which could be changed cause it’s dynamic. Can I use dns name instead of a particular ip?

#Playback speed
I tried to go through this forum before asking a question. I need ‘audiobook’ support. In other words I want to play ‘songs’ with 2x speed and be sure yatse remembers which song should be played, at which place in a song inside an ‘album’ aka audiobook.

#Filtered libraries
After connecting yatse to my plex I was surprised to see it only has presented libraries I have selected to be visible in the web plex client. While that’s ok the problem is that in the web plex client I can easily look into additional libraries I less often use. I can’t find such an option in yatse -> it makes plex support broken for me.

I hope my questions are too difficult.

My final goal is to be able to have an offline copy of audiobooks between which I can switch and yatse will always remember the place(and ‘song’) where I’ve finished listening. Oh and it won’t make me listen to audiobook at 1x playback speed.

That’s a lot of different points :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. For the ip yes you can use hostname, if you log with Plex.TV account, Yatse will auto update the ip value and switch from lan to wan IP as needed too.
  2. Playback speed is not yet supported as Kodi does not handle AudioBooks but can easily be added actually can do that for next release.
  3. Resume points for songs / albums are the problematic point AFAIK plex does not support that and do not store them? If they do I can easily add if they don’t it’s much more complicated. (Again not yet done as not supported by Kodi either :’( )
  4. Library filtering is strange I’ll need more details about your Plex configuration to reproduce. Normal way is that Yatse sync everything and allows you to filter as you with either by completely removing libraires from sync in host settings or by switching filters on each views.

So to resume:
I need details about the library stuff but it should be easy to fix. Speed is easy to add, but resume points is more complex if Plex does not support that :frowning:

  1. Ok
  2. Awesome!
  3. Well song is supported. Album is not so that would need to be stored locally by yatse.
  4. Let me show you what I mean
    here you can see the web plex app view with only 3 libraries visible

    here is the view of osx app view (other filters)

    and when you would be in the web app and clicked on the more button and started messing with libraries you could add ‘pins’ those pins are showing which ones are visible on the main screen - mind those are the 3 ones your app is also showing -> so you’re copying settings from web plex app

Well I’m not copying the web interface part and I can’t reproduce either, unpinning half the libraries still sync and shows in Yatse.

If you edit your host in Yatse in the advanced page there’s an excluded librarie selection are you sure you have not filled it? (It’s empty by default and it not copied from anything)).
If you click the button does all the libraires shows? Can’t it be an account issue?

Else I’ll need a test account on your server to check, but there’s something not logical here.

Just checked the excluded is empty buuuut when I click the select button to exclude something it shows all my libs (yes all!!!)
Sadly on the home screen of the app well only those damn 3 ones I have set up in web plex app

ok, I’ve added another lib to be visible in the web plex app. Deleted/added once again plex to yatse. Still only 3 libs. Can’t see my custom ones. But their content is available in all those “watch later” sections etc. Previously it also was visible.

The problem is still with libs visibility in the menu.

What do you mean 3 libs?

In the left menu there will only be 1 entry for movie 1 for Tv Shows 1 for music.

The content of each libraires types is merged into those, you can filter at any time by pressing the source library in the filter view or use a smart filter to filter on more than one.

lol seriously? xD
so that’s the issue.
Where I see a bug you see a ekhm feature :wink:

ok, so now:

  • playback speed
  • remembering where we’ve stopped in a song (it is supported by plex as I’ve showed you via a picture)
  • remembering where we’ve stopped in an album (that’s something that needs to be done magically on the yatse side)


The album part is an issue, because Yatse can do it magically on it’s side but it won’t be updated when you listen on something else and that’s often an issue as Yatse is only Android :frowning:

Need to see if I can store arbitrary data somewhere on Plex servers to at least works consistently across Yatse devices.

Speed will be for next release unless it’s broken in the lib I use but I doubt.

For the resume part it will take more time.

I don’t mind. I solely use Android phone to listen to audiobooks. I get your point but as plex doesn’t support saving progress through an album you wouldn’t be able to tap into some existing feature. Even if the implementation would per device it would much better then nothing

@Kamil Seems Plex does not support variable play speed? Do you use another audio book app? (Looking for inspiration about how to display the current play speed)

I do. To make my life easier I sadly download audiobook from Plex and listen from files. The best audiobook player I’ve found and I’m using is the smart audiobook player

Thanks unfortunately ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway got it working and with an acceptable display. What speed do you use ?
Currently I’ve added 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0


I don’t care about extra granular speed options. I’m happy even with 25% increments (1.25, 1.5 etc)

Hi there. I’m looking for the playback speed controls and can’t find it for the love of god!! Can you point it out? I’m trying to play something from a plex server. If not possible, can I download it and then play at other speeds?


For audio it’s the fast forward icons as all app :slight_smile: If you talk about videos then it’s something to see with the video player.

Hi Tolriq, thanks for replying!

But the ff button does not speed up playback, it skips ahead. What I’m looking for is the control to speed up/down playback, like you said “0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.1” etc… I feel I’m missing something obvious…

You mix up fast forward and skip next? There’s not a million button in that bar :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… this is what I’m seeing: