Plex: browse media library folders

As you probably know, native Plex mobile client supports browsing the media library not only using metadata (artists, album, etc.) BUT also using physical folders structure on the server.
So if, for example, you do not remember which exactly artist/album to search for or do not remember the spelling, you can browse the folders instead.
This is quite helpful, for example, in a situation when you have added many new artists/audiobooks/etc. to the library using a special folder (New) but do not remember the names to look for.

I wonder if Plex library folders browsing could be enabled in Yatse as well?

I guess this functionality is implemented for Kodi (via Files), which does not seem to be available for Plex (I can’t find ‘Files’ option in the left menu).

If the answer is yes, the second feature-requests would be - adding ‘Folder browsing/search’ support to AA, if feasible (I know there are many limitations imposed by Google).

Thank you!


any news? can we expect folder navigation similar to native plex client?

If it’s not closed then it’s still on the TODO :slight_smile:
Was relatively high then Kodi 19 and Android 12 came.

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