Plex Audiobooks (Better Support)

First off, thanks for such an amazing app and great support. Bugs are fixed within days of me reporting them. :slight_smile:

While I understand this may be a lot of work and not exactly what the app is mainly intended for but I feel it would be a major selling point for a lot of users out there. Audio books are extremely popular and not a whole lot of ‘good’ apps are available, especially that integrate with services such as Emby and Plex.

I hope this is allowed but I will provide a link to an app that’s designed specifically for the purpose of Audio book consumption from a Plex library. Its perfect in every way except for one major issue. Its only available for IOS. IOS APP

I hope maybe some of its features could be implemented into Yatse sometime in the future.

While proper native support would be super (Such as Audio book chapters etc), maybe just the option to create custom left sidebar entries so they could be linked to a specific Plex library or even just a hotlink to a filter. Something like this:

TV Shows

  • Thanks for the continued updates. :+1:

Yatse have direct library filtering in each screens that works best for all cases, audio books are just albums in the end and Kodi does not have distinct support.

For the other features you’ll need to be a lot more precise about what you want and how as I can’t test that app just to guess :wink: I usually don’t copy but fit user needs the best I can.