Plex actors, director, writer, trailer

When using a plex server actors for movies and and tv shows are not shown. When you select a director or a writer it takes you to an empty page. The movie trailers are not detected/shown. Is it possible to add these?

Trailer will be added at some point, but the rest is complicated due to how Yatse works with it’s internal database and Plex not allowing to gather the necessary data in bulk. It’s really slow to make 1 request per movie / episode to get the data so not sure yet I’ll be able to do that.

I don’t know if it helps, but you could check plexkodiconnect (it’s open source). The addon uses the plex server as a backend and kodi acts as a player only. But the actors are shown in this case. And i believe they use the plex api, cause how else would they get this info :sweat_smile:

The problem is not how to get them it’s how to do that efficiently, doing 1 request per movie / show / episode means a mega tons of queries to get that data, this is slow and not efficient at all.

Maybe at some point I’ll add an option for slow sync that does that, but well it will be really slow.

But in plexkodiconnect you don’t wait long for that data :thinking:. After you setup your account , wait a few minutes for the db to populate and that’s it. At this point actor info is there.
I just tried resetting kodi and setting up the addon and it took at most 5 minutes to sync. I started from a fresh kodi profile.

You do realize that 5 mins is long? And it’s probably on a Kodi device that is more powerful than many low cost Android phones?

Don’t assume on which device i run Kodi. All you have to do is install Kodi on your Android phone and use plexkodiconnect and see for yourself how long it takes. Anyway no worries.

Just to be clear I’m not the one trying to prove my point giving a random duration without any information :wink: I’m sorry that you do not like my explanation and kept pushing.

0.3 sec per query for 500 movies and 2000 episodes (The medium library size from analytics) is 13 minutes added to sync time. 0.3 is the medium duration for a query on a low end Android device with non high perf wifi.