Please Help! How can I View the Contents of My Music Files on Me Kodi LibreELEC Raspberry Pi-3 from Me Yatse Android RC Smart Phone?

Please Help! How can I View the Contents of My Music Files on Me Kodi LibreELEC Raspberry Pi-3 from Me Yatse Android Remote Control Smart Phone? I Hope I’m Barking Up the Rite Tree… I’m Sumwot Confused as 2 wHo Best Address My Question 2…. Yatse Community or Kodi Forum or LibreELEC or wHo?

Me Yatse Version is 9.2.5a/

Me LibreELEC Kodi is ( Official ) Version: 8.25 aRchitecture: RPi2, aRm & using eStuary Kodi Default Skin.

I’ve Looked @ FAQ & the Wiki & the Knowledge Base & Support & Forum.

I’m Overwhelmed & Lost!.. Please Where should I Start? Configure Kodi or Yatse 1st?

Please & Thanx…


Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

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Well go to file in the menu?

You lack a lot of details about your configuration, what you tried and what did not work, wiki have videos for all Yatse usage so won’t really be able to tell a lot more than detailed videos.

Thanx Tolriq 4 your Reply, Advize which Configuration Details yoU’Re after…

But since yoU asked about Configuration, there’s 1 interesting & less than ideal issue that I’ve Never been able 2 Resolve w/ my Setup… & that’s Using a SATA Hard Disk Drive in an eXternal eNclosure ( it’s Not Detected, this has also been the case w/ my Previous 2 RPis ( ie. RPi 1B+ & Rpi2 ) as well as my Current RPi3 Running LibreELEC & Kodi, this has also been the case w/ Different ROMs, Previously OSMC & Raspbian… Wot am I doing wRong? My Work around is Using a 10 port USB Hub because my System Can Detect USB Flash Drives ) I Wunder if this may be the reason whY I can’t see my Music Collection from Yatse on my Phone? Wot Do yoU Think? Please Link me 2 those Wiki Videos that could Fix my issue/s, Thanx mate! ;-)K

  1. Stop writing like this, you are barely readable …
  2. You continue to not give details and not providing the logs …
  3. I still have no clue if you problem is Kodi or Yatse …
  4. Wiki button is on top of this page and directly accessible from Yatse too …

I can maybe suppose that your issue is about file mode and that automounted drives are not visible, this is covered in the FAQ, this is a well known Kodi issue you simply need to create a new source in Kodi pointing to the same location.

Thanx 4 Your Help Tolriq, Thanx 2 yoU, We’ve Solved that Long Standing Kodi issue & Now I Can C Me Music Files from Yatse.

I Beg Your Pardon about Me illiteracy, I Only got -5% ( Negative ) for inglish