Playlists all over the place need help


I use yatse for multiple devices two kodi one on sheild one on pc and jellyfin (one over local one over https)
I am now frustrated with maintaining playlists.

  1. mark them as favorite in jellyfin those favorites do not show in kodi.
  2. mark them as favorite in kodi those favorites do not show in jellyfin.
  3. Create a playlist in jellyfin I cannot import it in kodi.
  4. Create playlist in kodi (synced with jellyfin addon ) and exported playlist and imported in jellyfin source worked but the same playlist when imported to shield kodi it plays random songs.

Could you please let me know is there a way to keep synchronized playlists between multiple kodi (connected to same jellyfin) and is it possible to create playlist from current playback queue.

You are facing the limitation of Kodi and the jellyfin plugin.

The only way is to have all at Jellyfin side and use Yatse to cast from Jellyfin to Kodi and not use the integration plugin.