Playlist synchronization with Plex

Hi, I’m using Yatse for listening to music from my Plex server, and the feature that I really missing is synchronization between locally imported playlist and remote one, it wouldn’t have to be some kind of smart-sync kind of stuff with conflict auto-resolving, but if there would only be a some way to overwrite local playlist with changes from remote and vice-versa it would mean a world to me :slight_smile:

Press the sync button?

Well I forgot about that, sorry . But it still, as far I as I can see, only can overwrite the local playlist with remote changes, that doesn’t cover the scenario when I would like to overwrite remote playlist (the one on Plex server) with local changes.

Thank for quick response though, and sorry for my poorly framed initial question :sweat_smile:

This is not possible and not planned for Yatse due to Kodi not supporting that.