PLaylist (manual) want to play after rebuild library

Because my Himedia player regularly got stuck in a regular fashion, I’ve connected a SSD drive through USB.

This had no effect, so I restored the server the way it was.

Now only the smart playlists are working.

Only the playlist that was manually made is no longer working. Processing: variatie.yap… (113.3 KB)

Could this have to do with the Emby server rebuilt its data?

I stored and imported the playlists.

As I said, only the smart playlists are working (93.2 KB)
embyserver-63773165243.txt (13.2 KB)
hardware_detection-63773165313.txt (207.1 KB)
embyserver (9).txt (146.9 KB) (43.4 KB)

Yes if you started fresh on Emby side then all it’s ID’s have changed, Yatse can no more match things. I’m sorry but there’s not much to do here to restore them.

Smart playlist are computed in real time from current data so is not impacted by ID changes.