Playback stops after a song ends

When the currently playing song ends, the playback simply stops instead of playing the next song in the queue. Clearing Yatse’s cache from apps section in android settings helps temporarily. I have mailed support with logs. I use Yatse on my android device to access my jellyfin server.

onPlayerError: 1 / Unexpected decode error

Seems you have playback errors.

Can you describe better how you trigger this?

And be sure to read Samsung | Don’t kill my app!

I’ve found out more info. I face this issue only with songs from one particular album. Whenever, I play any song from this album, playback stops after the song ends and songs next in the queue do not play, even if they are from other albums. Playing songs from other albums does not have this issue. Clearing cache or force stopping app does not solve this issue. Official jellyfin client does not have this issue with any songs. I don’t think this issue has got to do with samsung as playback stops only after the affected songs have stopped playing and never during.

Well sounds like the songs are somehow corrupted and Jellyfin client may be transcoding them so fix the issue by luck.

Can you give me access to your server and that album or send me the album and precise jellyfin version?

Actually, I have solved this issue by re-encoding (in same format, FLAC) the songs in that entire album. Before re-encoding, those songs had the same issue even when played locally via yatse but not with VLC media player. So, may be, there was some issue with the encoding of the songs themselves. I had disabled transcoding on jellyfin, so no, jellyfin app was playing the original. VLC on android also had no issues. I have retained the original format of the songs that is causing the issues and i’ll mail you one song from that album. It is copy-right protected, so please delete it after finding the issue. To reproduce the issue, simply play that song (locally or otherwise) with Yatse and add any other song to the queue. Wait for that song to finish playing (drag the seek bar to the right to make it quicker). When the song finishes playing, playback simply stops instead of next song playing.

Thanks for keeping the files so I can check if there’s something to fix at ExoPlayer side.

But I have not received anything yet.

I have sent you using send anywhere link. Attaching to email did not work because of file size limit.

Ok just got the mail. Will see what I can do.

Ok the problem is reproduced.

Edit: Reported to ExoPlayer not much I can workaround on my side and still support gapless :frowning:

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