Playback Speed tunning


Searching a way to watch Twitch replay at speed up like I do with some alt Youtube apps on Android TV.

I discover kodi can do that between 0.8 to 1.5 (would be great to go to x2 or even x3).

And the best way to control this function, it’s by Yatse.

Some improvements would be perfect:

  • on the Option vidéo menu, the bunch of options are controled by -/+, came back directly to the nominal value would be cool (maybe clicking on the option name).
  • The Playback speed impose to have the option SETTINGS>PLAYER SETTINGS>VIDEOS>“sync video playback to display” enable, so if the option is disable on kodi, maybe deactivate this option on Yatse and give an alert about this option and/or activate directly the option.
  • The real playback speed didn’t appear on Yatse (the same when using rewind or fast forward in fact), the speed playback is always at 1x (at least during my tests ;))

Thanks for this great app.

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Welcome to Kodi API world :slight_smile:

  1. There’s no API for that before v19 and only via EventServer not JSON … (And new API is only for atempo still missing for a few other stuff that only support +/-)
  2. There’s unfortunately some other requirement too :frowning:
  3. Nice Kodi API only returns integer for the speed so 0.8 to 1.5 always return 1 as speed. I’ll reenable showing Kodi speed for rewing/forward anyway).
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Ouah fast answers

thank you very much for these answers and very detailed.
Always interesting to discover the technique issue/limitation in the back court.

Merci Tolriq