Play Button, White on Yellow

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Issue description: When looking at the interface, the Play button is a Yellow Circle with a White play icon in it. I’ve tried Dark, Black, and Bluish to try and get the image to change color, no help.


Additional information:
I’m running 10.0.0a/110768-armeabi-v7a

Figured it out. The color of the circle is the color of the server you are connected to, this server happened to have been assigned a yellow color automatically, which translated into the other parts of the app as well, by changing the color of the server, it changed the color of the circle.

Yes the play button is always white, the yellow is the host color and not tied to the theme.

I thought I tested all default colors against white :frowning: What that yellow automatically attributed by Yatse or you chose it manually?

Edit: Posted at the same time, so automatically picked up :frowning: Will need to rework those default colors then :frowning:

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