Play button disappears in Movie view and in Episode view

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Issue description: Play button doesn’t appears in movie view or episode view through vpn (it appears in album, artist, and other music views) and streaming on my android mobile.

Logs:[Support] Yatse logs - (3.4 KB)


Additional information:

You have the option Wifi only checked are are not connected via Wifi, so for Yatse the host is not reachable, and since the media are not downloaded offline you can’t play them.

I have unchecked the option “wifi only” but the problem still remains the same.
More over, i can play movies if i’m launching “play all” (button play appears) when i’m on “list movies” view, but when i’m selecting one movie, the button disappears…

Yes it’s normal, please avoid the … :wink:

The global buttons are visible if you are connected to a player that is active as checking all the possible combination of playable media would be too slow and is done at the play time.

Provide new logs with the host option removed and reconnected to.

I’m sorry for the “…” i didn’t mean to be rude at all.

Again, I’m sorry but i don’t understand what you want me to do. Could you be more explicit please (ou au pire en français)?

You said you disabled the option Wifi only :wink: This option is an host option or you changed the wrong one.

Provide new logs now that you have disabled that option (Or the correct one)

No need, you were right, i unchecked the wrong option. Now that i’ve unchecked the “wifi only” option in host options, the play button appears everywhere.
Thanks a lot, i’m very gratefull.