Play button disappeared

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description: Suddenly irregardless of the device on which yatse is installed, if i try to stream on my TV i don’t get the play button like i was used to but something that looks “broken”.

debug.log (170.3 KB)


Additional information:
I am trying to play a movie from my galaxy S10e and A3 (both android devices) to my viera ST60 TV. I go to the movie page, click on the top right icon to see all the available players. In the list the Viera ST60 showes up and i select it. If i touch the play button i get that weird looking button in the screenshot. I hope this is enough information.

And thanks for the quick reply!

Please provide the asked logs, template is here for a reason :slight_smile:

And more details on how to reproduce, specificity of those media.

Ok so first you need to update to 9.0.0a as there’s a small UPnP issue in 9.0.0.

For the other issue I can’t reproduce at all, it happens with all movies? Only with resume point? Only watched ones?

No problem when not trying to cast to TV? when casting to local device?

Hi tolriq
Thanks for the quick reply. How do i update to the new version. I haven’t found that in the settings.
Moreover: it happens with all movies, with or without resume points and with non watched ones.
No problem casting to local device.

On Play Store for the update.

Can you make a video from before reaching that screen to that screen and the issue appearing?