Pinch the screen when browsing music

The idea for this feature was taken from XBMC Remote App available from the Windows store.

When browsing music etiher by album artist or album, if a user pinches in the screen a list of buttons is displayed listing the alphabet so that the user can select the button relevant to the artist or album.

For example, if I am browsing by album artist, I pinch the screen and select “E”, the album artists starting with “E” will be displayed, so basically you are jumping down the artist list to “E” which is much quicker and more accurate than manually scrolling down the list to get to “E”.

I hope this makes sense!


While this is a nice idea this is not something standard in Android and so absolutely undiscoverable by users.

When you scroll you can grab the scroll bar and it shows the letters to quickly scroll to proper position.

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Be a pioneer! Users use pinch for photos but I agree it’s not very common for anything else.

This would be a tons of work and slow, Yatse can sort by a millions things, so would need to display A-Z with only the proper letters for name sort, but all years for year or rating sorting then all numbers for rating sorting, then all possible dates for date added sorting and many other cases.

Sorry this won’t make it to Yatse.

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No problem, I fully understand. If I think of anything else then I’ll post on here again.

Keep up the great work with Yates.