Photo sharing on kodi very slow

Hi! I am a new Yatse user and I am testing its functionalities. I would like to show my photos from local files on my android phone to kodi media player (on raspberry pi3): it worked but it is very slow…it takes several seconds to move to next photo (e.g. 10 seconds), and it appends independently from the file dimension (can be several MB ok few KB).

Considering that my wifi network is quite fast it doesn’t seems to me normal… Do you have some suggestions to solve this issue?

Thank you very much


Without logs hard to tell anything :slight_smile:

First try the option high perf streaming in settings.

But cast of photos is made at the highest possible speed on Yatse side, it’s just a basic web server, all the delay are on Wifi and Kodi side.

Kodi picture viewer is slow as it tries to read metadata at the same time and often result in double getting the image.

All reported issues are tied to images size that are very large in size, few kb images should be fast if you have no wifi or Kodi issue.

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