Paypal Unlocker & LineageOS 18.1


I really love Yatse, it’s the best app for media consumption I know :slight_smile:
My unlocker license is really old (I would like to donate some money via PayPal again if you don’t mind and send me your address).

My daughters phone is some very old Android with PlayStore and I set up Yatse as described (install Unlocker app, set up mail account in Android). So, I know what I have to do :wink:
My own phone also had the Unlocker for a long time which worked without problems, but now I’ve upgraded to LineageOS 18.1 and it seems like they have removed the Android mail accounts, i.e. there is no stock mail app anymore, my mail accounts is not listed anymore in Settings > Accounts (which I wouldn’t mind as I use K9 for mails), and I also cannot add a mail account. Thus my Yatse license cannot be validated anymore :frowning:

It’s impossible to search for this fact on the internet as every website out there seems to have written a tutorial how to set up mail accounts in older Androids or in some random app.

Does anybody know how I can get back the Android mail accounts in LineageOS 18.1?


From Yatse pro version on Android fork /e/ with microg without Play Services - #3 by rubion it seems see that you can download the lineage email app manually and it should add the necessary entries.