Paypal Link Does Not Work


I am trying to purchase Yatse Pro for a de-googled phone. There are instructions and a link here (Yatse™ - Troubleshooting Yatse payment issues) on how to utilize Paypal to purchase the license. The issue I am having is that the Paypal link from the URL above is not taking me to Paypal. I checked to make sure I had no pop-up blockers or ad-blockers possibly restricting the link. Is anyone able to use the Paypal link from the link above successfully?

Thank you.

The top button move to bottom of screen that have a get pro button.

That button open a popup that you need to fill.

So you’ll need to give more details about what button :wink: and device / browser details.

I tried again, this time using a VPN outside of the US and it worked. Problem resolved. Thank you.