Payment successful but pro didn't unlocked

I have paid through BHIM UPI to unlock pro in in-app purchases.the payment was successful but pro didn’t get unlocked. So anytime can help me

I have no idea what BHIM UP is sorry.

See for all necessary things to provide for licence issues. (But just reading that link should also give you the solution)

Thank you for the reply.but the link you gave is for streaming issue but I have a payment issue my payment was successful but yatse pro didn’t unlock for me

Well it’s the link below with many buttons inside the app that link to it :slight_smile: Sorry for wrong paste.

No it still wasn’t helpful I did everything thing correct but money was also debited from my account so what should I do now

Take time to actually read it entirely ? :slight_smile:

I’ll paste the important extract even if you ignore all the rest:

3) No solution did work, or you do not understand some points

Be sure to have properly identified your unlocker type and applied all the points of the FAQ, then please contact us for help with:
• Your Order Number (mail from Paypal, Amazon, Google or listed at Google Payments).
• Logs (Debug logs). To have more details when gathering logs, please click on the purchase Unlocker again to get the error message!
• Your details or questions about each of the FAQ points corresponding to your unlocker type.

Support will not be able to help without all those information.

Using the mail you used to create your account I can find:

So your purchase is not handled by Google, so it’s normal Yatse is not unlocked.

Then will I get a refund

Do as you wish I do not have any control over what Google do :slight_smile:

And for the part that I have control on, if you do not provide the asked things then there’s nothing I can do either.