Paste not working

Does this still work ? When I want to type a long string I long press the keyboard button, paste the text and press send. But nothing happens.

This for instance in file manager when I want to add a ‘new source’. I press left on -None-; the keyboard opens on the tv but NOT on my phone. Then I long press the keyboard button in Yatse, paste and send but nothing happens.

Or I can short press the keyboard button to open the keyboard on my phone, then long press to paste and send, but also nothing happens.

@DaisyF Please open your own issue with logs

Unless Kodi have broke that once again it still works :wink:

Hi Tolriq and sorry to get back so late to you.

Yatse does indeed work okay, It was me who was doing something wrong… Thanks for your support and your app makes Kodi so much better.

I just donated with the button 6$ to say thanks.

Now I’m wondering if I’m using the Premium version of Yatse. Can I see it being activated somewhere ?

Reading comparison now. AH… found it… I have Cloud Save so I’m using the Premium version.

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If you can donate then you have purchased :slight_smile:

Benefits list can be seen at: