Paid for Yatse, won't unlock now

I paid to unlock Yatse but since reformatting my device, I have not been able work with Yatse unlocked. I’m getting frustrated and a little bummed out. And for some reason I cannot go to from Yatse either. Would someone be willing to shove me in the direction before blow up?
Any help would be appreciated thank you.

As the FAQ you get that URL from says:

I need your order ID, logs and answer to all the questions to be able to tell anything.

But in all cases if you do not have access to that url you have network issue on your device and you need to fix those first. That url should show OK.

Hi. I’m hoping order number is the same thing. And if it is then here it be:

As far me not getting to that URL, I did check again and found in fact that I did get to the page. I didn’t realize that up in left corner, in the tiniest font ever, that it said, OK.

I can’t figure it out. I ruled out Adguard after I uninstalled it. I don’t think there’s really anything else. That’s why I need your expertise.

Well don’t take it wrongly :slight_smile: But before expertise you need to take time to read things :wink:

I clearly wrote again a single line with what I need from the big red part of the FAQ:

Order Number, Logs and Answers to the questions. And you only provide the first part …

All I can say is that you have In App unlocker.