Overly detailed movie ratings on overview page

Issue description:

On the movie overview page, Yatse shows ratings with an overly high precision :slight_smile: On the detail page for each movie, it is only shown with one decimal after the point even for these movies. Scraping data come from TMDB, but ratings might be from IMDb (I havr to check my scraper settings). I guess the data is already like that in Kodi and it is not really Yatse’s fault, but maybe it makes sense to limit the display to one decimal?

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)

What kind of logs do you need here, during sync?


Middle row, second and third movie:

Yes I’d need logs during sync it should be displayed the same wonder what value Kodi sends.

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I did not really pay attention how it was after the sync I made for the logs. But after that sync, I edited the movie details in the web interface, and after another sync the display is normal again.

Btw. I checked, ratings came from TMDB.