(Optionally) make remote screen static

Currently, upon starting (stopping) playback the remote screen resizes to add (hide) a playlist entry at the bottom.

With the screen changes, the buttons change/move as well! How many times did I keep tapping on the ‘wrong’ screen real estate?!

I therefore suggest (optionally) having a fixed remote screen. Keep the playlist item constantly and let it display ‘stopped - nothing running’ rather than completely hiding it.

There’s a search function in this forum :wink:

Just change the remote layout to alternative 3.

BTW what version of Yatse are you using it’s strange that there’s no black tint under the actionbar, should be as the top row button.

Thanks for the reply - I had been looking for the issue but seem to have missed a prior question (as I was not searching for “layout variant”).

I agree, variant 3 is a workaround - but only a workaround, as I actually use the the top (bottom) row of shortcuts even during playback sometimes and they get hidden in variant 3. Conceptually, I see a difference between layout variants and a fixed size/always shown ‘playlist item’. I would therefore still vote for an option to always display it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

10.9.0/[email protected] Pro