Option to start with a nice now playing screen


Hi! First I like to thank you for this excellent app. Working really great and I’m using it on a daily base.

But I have a request. I’m having a tablet mounted to the wall in my living room from where I can control the whole house.

When Kodi starts playing, Yatse opens automaticly and goes to the remote.

But I prefer a nice now playing screen to be shown with only some small control buttons for olay/pause/stop/etc… The wallpaper, some code pictures and the plot. Can you add this to a next release maybe? I will donate!


Just pass a boolean extra “StartActivity.EXTRA_DISPLAY_NOW_PLAYING” set to true :wink:


Thanks, but where can I do that? I only see in settings a option to choose remote.


In the tool you use to start Yatse when kodi start playing :slight_smile:


Aaaah Allright. I’m not sure if that is possible. I’m using macrodroid for this. I have a homey home automation unit. Its configured this way;

IF Kodi starts playing something, THAN it sents it to IFTTT.

And than, IF IFTTT receives this, it will turn on Bluetooth on my android tablet.

And than, IF Bluetooth is enabled, Yatse will start. And the same way as Kodi stops playing, it will turn of Bluetooth on my android device, and macrodroid will switch from Yatse to my homey home automation app.

Any other suggestions?


MacroDroid support passing Intent Extra :slight_smile: But this is for their support :wink:

Look at how you configure the start of Yatse in that tool and apply

Just pass a boolean extra “StartActivity.EXTRA_DISPLAY_NOW_PLAYING” set to true

Else ask on their forum as I do not use that tool, just know it support most things that Tasker support and that is definitely part of it :slight_smile: