Option to move status/play/stop from bottom of remote

I have had so many accidental circle/ok/enter presses because of the moving button layout that happens when starting or ending media.

The status pops up or goes away from the button, this makes it very hard to get a mental/muscle memory of the remote layout.

I looked in interface and could not find anyway to move it up to stop from it from changing the button layout.

An option would be nice to have it higher up and not alter button layout or just hid/remove it.

Change the layout to alternative 3 in settings? :slight_smile:

And in all cases the remote screen should nearly never be used everything is 100% faster by only using Yatse interface.

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Wow I did not notice 3 locked it… Thanks for clarifying and you are right, I have been gimping it and myself by not using the interface. I feel dumb…
Thanks for making the blind see :slightly_smiling_face: