Option for voice command icon in the upper right corner

I’d love an option for a persistent voice command/mic in the upper right hand corner. (the same position as the custom commands remote icon)

Might seem like redundant as it’s easily accessible in the menu, but seeing how friggin brilliant the voice command implementation is, the easier access, the better. Imo. :grin:

(And I know you can set the menu (thus it’s voice command icon) as persistent in horizontal mode, but personally I prefer using the app vertically)

You can use the widget for that or the quick settings tile (so direct access from notification bar) that allows faster access as no need to start the application + API + Tasker integration that allows you to call the voice commands from anywhere in a trillions different ways.

Once in the application the left menu is always accessible unlike that button that is on the screen that should not be used most of the time.

So sorry but there’s nearly no win to add a shortcut there :frowning:

Well, using Kodi I have Yatse open in full screen, vertical, and the more stuff that’s instantly available there, as in “one click”, the better, imo - but yeah, it was just a suggestion. :grin:

To be honest the remote screen should be optional and not the default.
You do can everything faster from Yatse than by using the arrows and enter button.

What would require to be at the same time in the remote screen and send a voice command?

Aah, ok, I get what you mean - yeah, messing with the Kodi screen gui through the Yatse remote control view isn’t very efficient, so this was basically noob thinking on my part. I’ll work on shifting my Kodi control to the Yatse side…

Well, to my defense I haven’t messed with XBMC for over a decade, I’ve just had a Linux/Mate Desktop running on a NUC for my TV, but I’m getting back into it, apps like Yatse makes it way more user-friendly than the MCE remotes of ancient days… I just gotta get my old @$$ up to date & acclimate to the new reality… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thanks for the quick feedback - and also for your great work here - you’re making my life a lot easier.

You may want to check the youtube channel with some videos on how to use some features of Yatse can help :slight_smile: